Bio-Hazard Clean up

Many times people can spend years living in an unhealthy environment, never realizing that they are living in a bio-hazard environment that could be potentially causing long-term health problems.

Bio-Hazard problems require special care to ensure that the problem doesn’t get worse.  The problem needs to be taken care of properly to guarantee safe living conditions.

Aavalon Services a wide range of Bio-hazard material clean up ranging from: sewage backup, body fluids, pet problems, and virus outbreaks.  Aavalon will remove contaminated material, disinfect / sanitize affected areas, and provide the deepest cleaning of carpet and upholstery.  Your property will be completely decontaminated and safe once more.

If you feel that your property has been contaminated, please call us for your free bio-hazard consultation 651-636-0288.