Carpet Cleaning

Hot-solution Extraction Carpet Cleaning Method

Hot-solution Extraction combined with Rotary Jet Extraction technology is the unsurpassed method that will be used to deep-clean the carpeting in your hallways and other common areas.

A water-soluble pre-extraction treatment that brakes-down heavy soil and spots will be applied topically to your carpet fibers (as needed).

A hot solution (150+ degrees) consisting of ecologically-responsible, non-residue producing products is injected into the carpet fibers through the spray jets situated in the heads of the motorized Rotary Jet Extraction device (see photo). Simultaneously, the pile of your carpet is agitated by the same rotating heads that spin at high speeds in opposite directions causing each carpet fiber to be deep-cleaned from every angle.

Powerful in-truck or portable extraction systems provide the suction power to complete this incomparable carpet deep-cleaning system.

To see for yourself the “unbelievable” results we achieve with our carpet deep-cleaning system,click on the video below!


Low-moisture Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning Method

When your carpets are in good condition and are only lightly soiled, the Low-moisture Encapsulation surface-cleaning method may be your low-cost alternative.

With this surface-cleaning method, your carpets are cleaned using motorized technology non-residue producing products, and very little moisture.

Your carpeting is immediately ready for use after this process has
been completed, making this method perfect for rental unit quick
turns and common area spot-cleaning.

The low-pile, glue-down polypropylene carpet that is now prevalent in the common areas of most
modern-day properties is especially responsive to the low-moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning

A periodic schedule consisting of deep-cleanings using the Hot-solution method and frequent surface-cleanings using the Low-moisture encapsulation, will maintain the long-life and attractive appearance of your carpeting for many years to come.