Carpet Pad Replacement

Carpet pad can soak-up liquids that have flowed, spilled, or urinated on the carpet.  These liquids are absorbed by the pad and can be responsible for recurring carpet stains and odors even after the pad has dried.  Carpet cleaning procedures may not be able to remove these deposits because direct contact with the substances is not possible.

When the carpeting is in good condition, pad replacement may be advantageous because the cost of the procedure is less than the expense of new carpet purchase and installation.

Your carpets will be uninstalled, the contaminated padding will be removed, the sub-floor and primary backing of the carpeting will be treated, new pad will be installed, and the existing carpeting will be re-installed, deep-cleaned and treated.

Pad Replacement is a highly effective way of dealing with water damage, pet accidents, extreme odors, and persistent recurring stains.

Estimates for Carpet Pad Replacement work may be requested after an inspection has been performed and before any work is started.  All estimates include supplies, materials, labor, and rental equipment used.

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