Carpet Cleaning

The appearance of your carpeting will be greatly improved because Aavalon technicians perform all carpet cleanings using Motorized Jet-Extraction Technology. The results achieved by ordinary carpet cleaners who use hand-held wands can not compare to the superior results we attain using this state-of-the-art equipment. OurPowerful In-Truck and Portable Extraction systems enable us to perform carpet cleanings in Houses, Apartments, Townhomes, Condominiums, Hi-rise buildings, and more.

Carpet Repair

Save money by having the same technician clean and repair your carpet during the same visit. Our expert technicians can repair rips, eliminate bulges, patch damaged areas, close seams, replace pad, and install new gripper or transition strips. Most repairs will be undetectable.

Odor Elimination

Avoid lost revenue as a result of prolonged vacancy due to odor problems in your rental units. For extreme situations, Aavalon has developed a very effective Four Step Process which includes: (1) Surface Treatment – Most surfaces (excluding walls, ceilings, and floors) are treated by hand using a special solution composed of technical compounds know as Inhibitors and Reactants. (2) Topical Spray Treatment – Walls, ceilings, and sub-floors (the floor surface beneath the carpeting – when possible), are topically treated using an application system that lightly mists these surfaces with the same scientifically designed solution used in the “Surface Treatment” procedure. (3) Thermal Fogging – The counteractant formulated “fog” that is produced by the Thermal Fogging device, has the advantage of penetrating into every “nook and cranny“; everywhere odor producing substances have infiltrated. (4) Carpet Deep-cleaning with in-solution Deodorizer.

Carpet Restoration

Save a lot of money by avoiding the high cost of unnecessary carpet purchases. Aavalon’s unsurpassed ability to restore carpeting that is heavily-soiled, badly stained, or damaged allows you to keep the carpeting you already own and forego the high cost of replacement. This is the specialty service that has earned Aavalon the reputation as “The Miracle Workers”.

Water Damage

Save money because our water damage rates are often less than ½ the rates charged by other contractors even though we are experts at all aspects of water damage response including water extraction, demolition and construction, carpet un-installation, carpet pad removal, floor treatments, floor/surface drying, area dehumidification, new carpet pad replacement, and carpet reinstallation. Your cost and inconvenience is kept to a minimum and your property is recovered quickly because we complete most water damage jobs in only 2 days.

Inspections and Recommendations

Avoid making uninformed decisions that can end-up costing you money. Ask us to provide a no-obligation inspection and provide our knowledgeable recommendations.


15% Off Carpet Repairs (New Clients Only)

15% Off Common Area Carpet Cleanings (New Clients Only)