Hot-solution Extraction and Low-moisture Encapsulation

To best serve your needs, Aavalon offers you two methods (Hot-solution Extraction and Low-moisture Encapsulation) of carpet cleaning.  Both methods incorporate state-of-the-art motorized technology.

For the first time yesterday, we performed a carpet cleaning for you using Low Moisture Rotary Encapsulation.  Because you may not be familiar with this procedure, a complete description along with some of the advantages and disadvantages of using this method appears here.

Low Moisture Encapsulation is a minimum moisture carpet cleaning method. This method essentially consists of a specially designed cotton pad and a rotary machine.  A pre-conditioning encapsulation product is topically applied (sprayed on the surface) of the carpet fibers.  This product loosens and encapsulates (surrounds and captures) the soil particles.  The carpet fibers that have been saturated with the encapsulating product are “scrubbed” by the rotating motion of the rotary machine that has the cotton pad attached to the machine’s head. The soil particles that have been “captured” by the encapsulation product are removed from the carpet fibers by being absorbed into the specially designed pad.

The service fees for Low-moisture Encapsulation are lower when compared to the fees for carpet deep-cleaning the same size unit using the Hot-solution Extraction method.

Encapsulation is appropriate only when the carpeting is in good condition, lightly soiled, and does not have any worn or matted-down areas.

Because almost no moisture is used, encapsulation does not require any drying time.

Because no extraction (suction) is performed, the carpet fibers may not appear to be as “fluffed-up” as much as when carpeting is deep-cleaned using extraction.

The encapsulation method performs a deodorization treatment because the encapsulation product also includes a deodorizing component.

The encapsulation method works well for spot-cleanings, touch-ups, and periodic appearance improvements after deep-cleanings have been performed.

Encapsulation can be effective when the carpeting is prone to the problems associated with “wicking” (protein material or staining substances pulled-up from the backing of the carpet or the pad as a result of the drying process).

It is our desire to serve you to the best of our ability.  It is our hope that by including the Low-moisture Encapsulation method we will be able to better provide for your carpet cleaning needs.

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