Motorized Jet Extraction vs. Wands

I am always a little bit cynical when I provide a quote for our carpet cleaning service because I know that our way of deep-cleaning carpets is so much superior to the way ordinary carpet cleaners do it that it is like “comparing apples to oranges”.  Let me explain what I mean.

The most important component of the carpet cleaning process is the amount and quality of the scrubbing action used. The scrubbing action you receive from a company that uses hand-held wands (a tube with a head on it) if dependent upon the strength, endurance, and motivation of the workman holding it.

The Jet-Extraction equipment used by our technicians does not depend on muscle because it is motorized.  The scrubbing action comes from the duel heads of these machines that spin at high-speeds in opposite directions.  Motorized Jet-Extraction Technology deep-cleans each of the fibers of your carpet multiple times each second from every direction!

Aavalon has invested $3000 in every Motorized Jet-Extraction machine we own.  We could have bought the same outdated hand-held wands used by ordinary carpet cleaners for about $300 each.  We didn’t because we know that you will greatly benefit from this state-of-the-art technology and the quality of the carpeting cleanings you receive will be unsurpassed.

Aavalon Services has the reputation for being able to deep-clean carpeting better than anyone else.  Here is one of our secrets – our Motorized Jet-Extraction Technology.  Seeing is believing so please take a minute, click on this link

and view a video that will show you the amazing results you can expect.




Carpet Deep Cleaning

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