Odor Elimination

We can help you to prevent lost revenue due to prolonged vacancies in your rental units with our very effective methods for eliminating unpleasant odors caused by tobacco smoke, pet accidents, cooking, chemicals, urine, feces, and other organic or inorganic substances.  Call us immediately whenever you suspect contamination and an odor problem.  Warning:  Painting or performing any cleaning and maintenance tasks before our odor elimination procedures have been performed can make the remedy process much more difficult.


Thermal Fogging

PostcardThermal Fogging is one of our most effective odor elimination and deodorization techniques.  This method is particularly effective in treating odors caused by tobacco smoke and cooking.  The thermal fogging device creates a smoke-like fog that gets into every nook and cranny where it neutralizes the odor producing substances that are present there.





Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Fogging

ULV Fogger

Our (ULV) fogging device uses large volumes of air at low pressures to transform liquid into extremely small droplets which are dispersed into the environment.  We use this type of fogging device to apply odor eliminators, deodorizers, fungicides, sterilizers, and disinfectants. This system is especially friendly to people and their pets and may be used in occupied living spaces.




Essential Oils Treatment

vaporsharkOne advantage of this highly effective odor eliminating and deodorizing procedure is that it can be used even when the living space is occupied. This procedure always includes the membrane packets that contain the essential oils.  These air-permeable packets are either placed in the ventilation duct work system or are inserted into a dispensing device.   The air that is treated in this way with the pleasant-scented essential oils, eliminates odors in the air and on all surfaces for up to a month!




Pad Replacement

Carpet deep-cleanings and topical deodorization procedures will not remedy an odor situation when the underlying carpet pad has become contaminated by urine or other organic substances.  But you can often avoid the high cost of new carpet by having us uninstall your carpet, remove the contaminated pad, sanitize the sub-floor, treat the back of the carpet, reinstall the carpet, perform stain removal, and deep-clean or treat the surface of the carpet.