Odors after a carpet deep-cleaning has been performed using the Hot-solution method

Odors in rental units after a carpet deep-cleaning has been performed using the Hot-solution method, is usually caused by either of two reasons.  (1) The carpet was not dried quickly enough, or (2) the process reacted with odor causing substances in the carpet’s primary backing or the pad.

Creating adequate air flow to facilitate the drying of the carpet after a deep-cleaning has been performed is important to avoid a stale air odor.  During the warm seasons, our technicians have been instructed to turn-on the air conditioning system or to crack the windows to allow for air movement within the unit which will help the damp carpet to dry promptly.  Please instruct your maintenance and housekeeping personnel to help us with this by supporting adequate air movement until the carpet is completely dry.

Odor producing substances within the carpet fibers, backing, or pad is more prevalent today than it was in the past for several reasons including the rise in the number of pet-friendly units and the increase in ethnic cooking.  Deep-cleaning is often required to remove the protein material associated with odor-causing substances but sometimes, the process can react with this material and enable odors.  In extreme situations, pad replacement is necessary.  If pad replacement is required, Aavalon technicians can perform this procedure for you.

One possible remedy to these two primary causes of odor problems subsequent to deep-cleanings, is the Low Moisture Encapsulation carpet cleaning method.

Along with certain other advantages, this method of carpet cleaning avoids the necessity of air flow to dry carpeting that may be predisposed to odors originating from the pad or sub-floor.  Also, a deodorization treatment is one of the components of this procedure.  The most significant limitation to this method however, is that it is only appropriate when the carpeting is lightly soiled.

Another possible remedy is to have our technicians treat carpeting that is suspected of being exposed to odors by performing a topical deodorization procedure after the carpet deep-cleaning method has been completed.

To best serve our clients, Aavalon Service is dedicated to constant improvements and continues to stay at the forefront of positive developments in the carpet cleaning and odor elimination industry.

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