Pad Replacement Service





Aavalon’s Pad Replacement Service is a highly effective way of dealing with extreme odors caused by pet accidents.  Urine will pass thru the carpet where it is absorbed in the pad. The microorganisms that thrive on this protein material cause severe and persistent odors.   Normal carpet deep-cleanings and topical deodorization procedures cannot remedy this situation because the products used fail to come into direct contact with the microorganisms and protein materials that are causing the problem.


When the carpeting is in good condition, pad replacement may be most cost effective because the cost of this procedure is almost always less than the cost of installing new carpet.  In addition, carpet installers do not have the capability of treating the sub-floor and cannot apply the necessary odor eliminators, mold/mildew inhibitors, anti-bacterial agents, germicides, sanitizers, deodorizers, and enzyme digestersIf this is not done, the odors may persist even after new carpet and pad have been installed.


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