There is no such thing as “steam-cleaning”.  We know of no reputable company that actually uses steam to clean carpets. Hot-solution Extraction is the proper term for the carpet cleaning procedure that produces the best over-all results and is recommended by all the leading carpet manufacturers.  This procedure depends upon the use of a solution that contains water that has been heated to around 135 degrees.  The effectiveness of the process improves only slightly when the water used is hotter than 135 and becomes completely ineffective if the water in the solution is turned to steam at 212 degrees.

The 3 components of the “Hot-solution Extraction” method of carpet cleaning  
Soil is removed from your carpeting by (1) injection – spraying your carpet fibers with a solution containing hot water and cleaning products (2) agitation – scrubbing the fibers (3) extraction – sucking-up the solution that now contains the soil that has become mixed in with the solution during agitation.

Agitation is the most important component of the carpet cleaning process
All the parts of the Hot-solution Extraction process are important but in our expert opinion, the agitation is the most important component.  Because they are inexpensive, nearly all ordinary carpet cleaners still use hand-held wands (a tube with a head on the end) to accomplish the agitation.  The problem with wands is that scrubbing with a wand is very hard work and most carpet cleaners are not capable of putting-in the amount of effort that is needed to thoroughly deep-clean your carpets.

Motorized Jet-Extraction Technology instead of Wands
Instead of depending upon wands to perform the agitation, Aavalon technicians utilize Motorized Jet-Extraction Technology to deep-clean your carpets.   Our Jet-Extraction machines have two brush-less heads that spin at high-speeds in opposing directions to agitate the fibers of your carpeting from every direction multiple times each second!  You benefit from our use of this state-of-the-art technology and our ability to achieve unsurpassed results with it.

Residue and “Magic Water”
There is a franchise carpet cleaning company claiming that it does not pre-spray and does not add any cleaning products to their solutions because they believe that the use of any cleaning products will leave residue on the carpet fibers.  Hot-water only may be acceptable when the carpeting is lightly soiled but when the carpets are heavily-soiled satisfactory results can not be achieved using hot water alone.  They also claim that they use “magic water” and imply that this special water is all they need to clean all carpeting. There is no such thing as “magic water” no matter how much money this company spends on mass advertising to tell you that there is.  Since the advent of the hot-solution extraction method, achieving residue-free carpet cleanings is easily done for any carpet cleaner that understands the process, has the most up-to-date equipment, and uses the best cleaning products.   Aavalon has never had a problem with residue even though in the past 27 years we have completed thousands of heavily-soiled carpet jobs.  This is because (1) Aavalon utilizes Motorized Jet-Extraction technology and never wands (2) we use only use non-residue producing, all-natural products in normal situations (3) we have powerful In-truck and Portable extraction systems that remove more than 90% of the solution.


Carpet cleaning can enhance the appearance of your home and extend the life of your carpet, but the improvement in the health of your family is perhaps the most valuable benefit derived from periodic carpet cleanings.    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a dirty carpet can retain several sources of indoor air pollutants that can be released through everyday activities.  Many homes also have dust mite infestations.  These microscopic creatures are not allergens themselves, but they leave behind feces and body fragments that are. Because of the microscopic size of these particles, these allergens can easily be inhaled which can exacerbate allergies.   Aavalon’s Carpet Cleaning Service and our deep-cleaning process can remove deeply trapped pollutants and the heat from our hot water solution can kill dust mites.


Even though our pets are a treasure they can sometimes be the source of problems in the home.  Pet Accidents may result in Stains, Odor, and Damage.  Aavalon’s technicians are expert at all Difficult Stain Removal associated with pet accidents including stains caused by urine, vomit, and feces.  Odor Elimination procedures may include Contaminated Pad and Carpet Replacement, Surface and Air Treatments, and Odor Absorption techniques.  Our Technicians are skilled inDamage Repairs to carpet, floors, walls, and furniture.


Repairing the carpeting you already own is a smart way to avoid the high cost of carpet replacement.  Pet accidents, water and plumbing problems, poor carpet installation, burns, un-removable stains, and normal wear and tear, are some of the most typical ways in which your beautiful carpeting can become damaged.  Seam Repair, Carpet Stretching, Pad Replacement, and Seamless Patching are only some of the carpet repair services we offer.


Our Carpet Cleaning and Special Services are especially favorable to the residents of multi-storied buildings because we have both In-Truck and Powerful Portable Extraction Systems available.


Inspections are available to many of our residential clients depending upon the job location and the job related circumstances.  Our expert evaluations help you make informed decisions and save you the cost of making bad choices.