Two Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Hot-solution Extraction (often incorrectly referred to as “Steam Cleaning”) is the recommended method for deep-cleaning carpeting when the pile is moderately to heavily soiled and/or contaminated with organic and inorganic substances.

A hot solution (usually about 135 degrees to 180 degrees) which contains a cleansing/emulsifying product, is injected into the carpet pile.  The carpet fibers are then agitated (best done by motorized equipment) and the soil that was become emulsified (mixed together) with the solution, is extracted from (sucked out of) the pile and is removed using the suction power generated by a portable or in-truck extraction system.

The benefits of the Hot-solution Extraction method of carpet cleaning include:

• The most thorough carpet cleaning procedure available

• Suitable for residential carpet cleaning jobs

• Adaptable to special situations (i.e. odor problems, water damage recovery, pet accidents)

• No residue when procedure is performed correctly


Low-moisture Encapsulation (often referred to as “Bonnet Cleaning”) is a method for cleaning the surface of the carpet pile.  This carpet cleaning method is most appropriate when the carpeting is lightly to moderately soiled.

A special product is topically applied to (spayed on the surface of) the carpet fibers.  This product binds-to and encapsulates (surrounds and encloses) the soil particles that are present on the surface and within the pile of the carpeting. A rotary machine that has a pad attached to its circular revolving head, moves atop the pile of the carpet.  As the head spins, the pad (Bonnet) attracts the encapsulated soil particles that attach themselves to the surface of the Bonnet.  When the Bonnets become too saturated to retain any more soil, they are replaced.

The benefits of the Low-moisture Encapsulation method of carpet cleaning include:

• Lower service fees

• Carpet is ready for use immediately after procedure is performed (no drying time is required)

• Ideal for spot cleanings, touch-ups, and follow-ups after carpet deep-cleanings have been               performed

• No residue when procedure is performed correctly



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