Urine Contamination

Urine Contamination (Pet and Human Accidents)

Aavalon Services has been helping our residential and commercial clients maintain attractive healthy living space while avoiding the cost of prolonged vacancies in their rental units.

Bodily fluid contamination whether it be urine, feces, or blood, is an issue that needs to be dealt with in both a sensitive and effective manner to protect your property and ensure the well-being of your residents and staff.

In our 32 years of experience we have become experts at Bodily Fluids contamination and Bio-Hazard Clean ups.

Aavalon Services provides a wide range of hazardous substance clean-up and removal capability.  Our certified technicians have experience with human and pet bodily fluids along with sewage and waste contamination.

Aavalon’s experts will remove contaminated material, disinfect, sanitize affected areas, and provide the deepest cleaning of carpet and upholstery possible leaving your property completely decontaminated and safe once more.

We can also help you eliminate the high cost of carpet replacement by removing the stains and odors caused by bodily fluids contamination on your carpets.