Water Damage

Water Damage Recovery Service

How-to-Deal-with-Carpet-Water-Damage-in-Your-HomeWe Save You Money because our water damage rates are about 50% less than the fees charged by other contractors even though we are experts at contaminated water extraction, carpet un-installation, carpet pad removal, floor treatments, floor/surface drying, area dehumidification, new carpet pad replacement, and carpet reinstallation.


We have the supplies, equipment, and expertise to remedy most water damage situations including water damage caused by sink or toilet overflows, broken pipes, and rain or snow.    Your property is recovered quickly because we complete most water damage jobs in as little as 3 days.




Common steps taken for water damage recovery

  • The contaminated water is extracted and removed.
  • The carpeting in the in affected area is uninstalled.
  • Metal strips may be opened; the carpet is disengaged from the metal and wooden strips; seams may be opened, or new seams may have been made.
  • The contaminated padding is disengaged from the sub-floor, removed and disposed of.
  • Dehumidifiers and/or high-volume air-movers are used to dry the carpets and sub-floor and remove the excess humidity from the area.
  • The sub-floor is scrapped to remove glue, swept, and all debris is removed.
  • The sub-floor and primary backing of the carpet is treated with a mold/mildew inhibitor, an anti-bacterial agent, a germicide, a sanitizer, and a deodorizer.
  • The new padding is installed.
  • Any damaged “gripper” strips will be removed and replaced by new strips.
  • The carpet is stretched and reinstalled (laid-down on top of the new pad, stretched, and reshaped).
  •  The surface of the carpeting is deep-cleaned with Motorized Jet-extraction technology and treated (with a mold/mildew inhibitor, an anti-bacterial agent, a germicide, a sanitizer, and a deodorizer).